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Organising content

Well, that was a mission I have absolutely no intention of ever repeating again. I have migrated posts across from my original blog which was erratic at best, but posts dated back to 2008 and while I initially thought I’d just let them die with the domain they were on, I have decided some of the [...]

Insanely busy day

Well, one brain scheme idea led to another and I ended up not only setting up for my personal blog, I also ended up migrating another site from Joomla to WordPress and giving that brand a .com domain. My idea I think will be

To be hosted or self host

Well, as I mentioned in This Post over on my blog I was contemplating moving to a self hosted, well my blog has moved to After playing with the WordPress hosted blog and while I like the hosted blog, my own self hosted blog gives me much more [...]

Podcasting with Joomla

Recently I began playing around with Joomla as I was trying to sort out an upgrade path from Joomla 1.5 to 1.7 for someone. After a few hours of playing with Joomla 1.7 (I actually didn’t like 1.5 that much) I quickly began liking the abilities of Joomla. I installed a clean install on a test [...]

Getting Tweetmeme and Facebook share buttons back


Waiting for WordPress 2.9

Well, with the pending release of WordPress 2.9 things are looking good on the WordPress front. As you may know, I

PowerPress vs PodPress

Well well, What do you know, the Podpress developer has come out of the wood work and announced that Podpress is back under development. I

Blubrry Powerpress supersedes expectations once again

Well, @blubrry have done it again. The team at blubrry have superseded all expectations once again. I

WordPress Podcasting Plugins. Which one to choose

Ok, So I setup a podcast on a business website of ours. I found what I thought was a great plugin for WordPress which in turn I liked. It had nice setup features and good player placement customization. I then started to think, maybe some of the others are better. (more…)

New Blog Software & New Location

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