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Secure your Wireless Network

Just saw this on the late news on Tv1 Online buyers who think they have bagged themselves electronics at prices too good to be true, could be right. The team at TradeMe have led police to a Hamilton man they claim used fake identities to sell electronics at a bargain. The 29-year-old is also [...]

Lynksys WAG54g Ethernet ports

Well, After performing very well for the last few years, my Linksys WAG54g ADSL Router is now not much more than a brick.   Over the past few days we have been having intermittent outages of the wired network. (Eg: my servers kept dropping off the network) Wireless and ADSL connection were not [...]

Wireless with NDISWrapper

Even if your Wireless lan adapter isn’t supported natively by the kernel drivers, there is another method to get drivers installed. For this you simply need the Windows 9x/XP drivers for your specific adapter. On my system I was installing for the Acer (??) WarpLink 802.11b Adapter. you can use [...]
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