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WordPress Desktop Publishing Problem.

Ok, This is really bugging me now. pposts should not look like this./p When using a desktop blog publisher posting the entry, WordPress seems to strip out I’m not using mod_security which is what most people say is the problem. Has anyone found a solution that works. I’ve tried downgrading to [...]

Looking through Windows

Well, I have a licence for Windows XP professional, and while I am not one to generally endorse Microsoft. I find myself having installed Windows XP on my Acer Aspire 4315. I’m going to dual boot it with Ubuntu 8.10 when it is released. My decision to install Windows came from the small hardware [...]

Securing your FrontPage GuestBook

Don’t you hate it when you find pages of spam websites listed in your FrontPage guestbook. This will help overcome some of these issues.Note: There is no way to completely secure your guestbook other than not having one. But this can help. Basically all the article will do is show you how to stop [...]
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