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Robbed tourists view of NZ saved by Good Samaritan

This country really has some scum bags in it. Fortunately there are still some people around who give a damn. If you know the man in the Photo on the right. Call the police and tell them of his whereabouts. I was disgusted to see this story on the news. I honestly hope NZ will help catch this [...]

Our last few days as Tourists

Well, We are home again.. Yay.. It is good to be back home. We had an awesome time in Auckland, but a week is more than enough time there. 🙂 We went to Motat on Thursday and spent a bit of time looking around. It was interesting playing with the old phones and watching how the old telephone [...]

Tourists in Auckland

Well, We are in Auckland for a week having a holiday. We are doing more touristy type things this time. We went up to North Head to have a look around. Got absolutely drenched thanks to typical Auckland weather. When it rains it really pours down. 🙂 Went to Kelly Tarltons underwater world, I was a [...]
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