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10 Gilmer – Serviced Apartments

Once again we find ourselves in Wellington for a weekend, and as per usual we decided to stay from Friday evening until Monday morning. Due to a rugby game on at the Westpac Trust Stadium, we are unable to book into the usual accomodation. We decided on 10 Gilmer Terrace

Travelodge Wellington

Needing to travel down to Wellington for the weekend, we booked to stay at the Travelodge Wellington on Gilmer Terrace. The online reservation processes was painless and quick, check in was also painless and fast with friendly staff on the front desk. First impressions, upon entering the hotel [...]

Fishpond and a local supplier

I’m beginning to wonder whether Fishpond are actually completely up front as to their ‘ships from a local supplier’ Recently we discovered that their statement, ‘Ships within 24 hours from local supplier’ to be not quite as accurate as they stated. Sure, we purchased an item around Christmas so I [...]

EA Active Sports 2 Personal Trainer

Having just completed day 2 of my EA Active Sports 2 Personal Trainer workout, I thought I’d give you some feed back and my thought on the game. I’ve read some negative feed back online and honestly, I’m sure those posting the negative feed back are those who are too lazy to actually commit to [...]

EB Games – Downtown Palmerston North

Recently we purchased ourselves a Nintendo Wii gaming console and amidst our fresh need for exercise games, we were visiting the usual suspects where we could purchase new games. We visited EB Games in Downtown Palmerston North as the main EB Games website had EA Active Sports Trainer for $28. [...]

Drawing for Dummies

[openbook booknumber="076455476X"]   Just bought this awesome book off If you
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