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Just the nudge I needed to get going

I have been wanting to get into playing around with Arduino for quite some time. However, for what ever reason I have not taken the plunge and ordered an Arduino board. That was until recently, a friend asked if I’d be interested in programming up a project for her, which just so happens to be [...]

Simple console application to roll dice

Learning C# or C-Sharp, has got to be one of the best choices I’ve made when it comes to programming, Actually sitting down and learning the ins and out of classes, structures, interfaces, methods etc.. has solidified a lot more than just the C# code. It’s made a lot of sense as far as other [...]

Version checking in C#

I’ve managed to get version checking working within my application that I’m porting to C# from VB .net. This may not be the best method, but it appears to work quite well. I do have it checking against a file on a web server to get the latest available version, that involved streamreader and a [...]

Learning a new language

During the early 90’s I dabbled with Turbo Pascal which later became Borland Pascal, then the eventual move to Borland Delphi. During my time with Pascal and Delphi, I think I only released one thing which was a SysOp paging system for a BBS that used a Sound Blaster. Having only ever dabbled with [...]
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