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Sun ODF Plugin for Microsoft Office

Just wasting time reading the Trademe Message forum and saw a link to this. Thought I’d post it for all you Microsoft Office lovers 🙂 Go and Download it then we don’t have to remember to save as Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP (.doc) when we want to email OpenOffice.org documents. But then you all have OpenOffice.org …

Weblog Extension

Just testing Sun’s Weblog Publisher. Yep, I just shelled out $9.95USD ($13.23NZD) for an OpenOffice extension. Actually it seems to be pretty good so far. I guess even if it was not as good as it looks I can justify supporting Sun considering they give us a free Office Suite.  

OpenOffice.org NFS File Locking

If like me, you are using NFS file sharing you may run into the problem of OpenOffice.org not opening files or being unable to save files on network mounted filesystems. The work around for this is simple enough to do, but must be done after each update to OpenOffice.org.