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Nautilus Hotel

We are once again staying at the Nautilus Hotel on Marine Parade in Napier for a weekend of work and relaxation. The Nautilus Hotel is a location we have stayed at before and we found the service and room to be of excellent standard. So, we are back for a second time, this time we are on the top [...]

Robbed tourists view of NZ saved by Good Samaritan

This country really has some scum bags in it. Fortunately there are still some people around who give a damn. If you know the man in the Photo on the right. Call the police and tell them of his whereabouts. I was disgusted to see this story on the news. I honestly hope NZ will help catch this [...]

Kiwi’s and Aliens

Ok, This made me laugh. It may offend some aussies, but then as a kiwi girl. I have no problem with that. 😀 There was a Kiwi bloke on earth doing the Haka. Somewhere in space, Aliens were watching this unusual dance. “Ka-mate, ka-mate, ka-ora, ka-ora..” The Aliens were very interested and they [...]

National Library Harvesting Websites

The 2008 Domain Harvest During October 2008 the Library will perform a large-scale harvest of the New Zealand internet. We will do this using a ‘web crawler’ to find and download web pages.   The domain harvest will attempt to acquire every publicly accessible website that falls under the nz [...]

100% Not Yours

I had to laugh when I saw the two mock ads that came out of a couple of Australian advertising agencies trying to win a TV show competition trying to convince the Australian public as to why they should invade New Zealand. Personally I liked the one from 303 as it had some nice shots of NZ, though [...]
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