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Google and their black bar

Well, I’ve seen a lot of people bitching on twitter over the last few days. Google seem to be finding out that “You can’t please everyone all of the time” Google has unleashed what some think is the “Black bar of death” Now, not everyone has this bar and I only have it on my business Google Apps [...]

Google+ as I see it

Well, I

Google logo is a playable pacman

Haha, Google have put up a nice new logo that you can play You can even play 2 player by clicking ‘Insert Coin’ Well done Google.

Secure your WI-FI networks people.

I find it funny that people are bitching about the fact that Google have collected ‘Private’ data from peoples Wireless networks. In an article over the the New Zealand Herald website Google sorry for collecting data Google is apologizing for collecting information from open/unsecured wireless [...]

Get over yourselves

It is amazing how many New Zealanders seem to think that because Google Maps has a street view it’s a breach of privacy. For fuck sake, If your outside do you complain about the people driving past who can see you. If you’re out in public you are more likely to end up being filmed or having your [...]
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