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Compaq DL360 1u Rack Mount Server

Ok, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to purchase this off Trade Me when I saw it. Heck, how often do you get a 1u rack mount server for under $100 that is a reasonable spec machine. Dual processor with a gig of ram. It’s now running the web sites I have and doing a very good job of it so far. [...]

Banshee or Amarok

When I first installed Fedora 9 I discovered Banshee which I felt was a pretty good media player which had good library facility however I could not get Banshee to see my Ipod shuffle. I happened to be browsing through the Add/Remove software Multimedia section when I found Amarok. (more…)

Server of choice

I was installing Fedora 9 for my dad the other day. He was looking for a test bed server solution and as it was being installed on Mum’s computer I figured Fedora 9 provides a nice desktop solution too. While I feel Fedora is stable on the most part to provide me a desktop pc I still don’t know if [...]

Installing Skype

I was dual booting Windows XP and Linux as I used XP for MSN voice conferencing. Since most people I know are now running Skype, A Linux solution was very welcomed. (more…)

Fedora 9

Well, I’ve been running Fedora 9 for a fair while now. I have to say, overall I’m very impressed. Though I have a major gripe about KDE. As a user of KDE from Redhat 5.1 switching to Gnome was however painless. (more…)

Test from BloGTK

Hopefully this will work sweet. I have installed BloGTK on Fedora 9. So far everything seems to be working great.
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