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Poor Pussycat

Got home today from UCOL to find my poor Little pussy cat has an injury. Limping on her front Left paw After taking her to the vet and getting her pain killers and an anti-flam, fortunately nothing was broken, Just a sprain in the joint so hopefully after a few days of “Inside rest” (Shell hate [...]

My cat having a lazy Monday afternoon


Repost: Good Bye Mischief

A friend recently posted this on a site I am involved with, and with his permission I would like to share it with you all. I was touched when I read this. I never got to say good bye to my cat so I hope this touches others in the same way it did me. I had to put my old cat Mischief to sleep this [...]

A cat on a roomba

Ok this is funny, I don

Comfy Cat

My fur baby “TeeGee” so comfy in her bed 🙂

My fur baby is a year old

My Fur Baby is a year old. I found TeeGee abandoned by her mother at around 4 weeks of age. Since then she has been an awesome kitten. Full of energy and completely frisky at the wrong times of the day. 😉 She hides under furniture and attacks peoples feet which is so funny (sometimes) 😀 She [...]
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