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Moving to OneNote

Moving my blog management to OneNote, this app rocks. Given that I can hand write entries, it just seems the next Logical move in blogging. Writing a Journal on my Surface Pro 2 is cool, it’ll also means I can pick and choose what to send to WordPress. Yes, I can also type entries then send those [...]

Organising content

Well, that was a mission I have absolutely no intention of ever repeating again. I have migrated posts across from my original blog which was erratic at best, but posts dated back to 2008 and while I initially thought I’d just let them die with the domain they were on, I have decided some of the [...]

Name that blog

It’s a muggy, wet and pretty much a miserable day outside, and while I know we need the rain due to the drought conditions, it doesn’t feel like a very inspiring day. So what else do you do on days like today? Stare at your blog for a while and hope inspiration comes. Then it dawned on me that my [...]

Insanely busy day

Well, one brain scheme idea led to another and I ended up not only setting up for my personal blog, I also ended up migrating another site from Joomla to WordPress and giving that brand a .com domain. My idea I think will be
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