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$9 Arduino Compatible Starter Kit

A number of months ago, I stumbled upon a crowd funded project. Being new to the whole crowd funding at the time I umm’d and aahhh’d about whether to hand over some cash to help fund this project on Indiegogo. The project was a $9 Arduino compatible stater kit, this was an Arduino Leonardo [...]

LCDs and Shift Registers

In my last post Saving Digital Pins on Arduino

Saving digital pin on Arduino with a shift register

When building a project with Arduino it soon becomes apparent that you wish there were more input/output pins available, especially when you involve an LCD screen in to the equation. I began play around with a 74HC595

Just the nudge I needed to get going

I have been wanting to get into playing around with Arduino for quite some time. However, for what ever reason I have not taken the plunge and ordered an Arduino board. That was until recently, a friend asked if I’d be interested in programming up a project for her, which just so happens to be [...]
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