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Learning a new language

During the early 90’s I dabbled with Turbo Pascal which later became Borland Pascal, then the eventual move to Borland Delphi. During my time with Pascal and Delphi, I think I only released one thing which was a SysOp paging system for a BBS that used a Sound Blaster. Having only ever dabbled with [...]

Joomla and J Admin Mobile

As some may be aware, I recently migrated my websites from WordPress to Joomla. This transition has gone extremely

Google+ as I see it

Well, I

Trialing Dolphin Browser HD

I downloaded and installed the Dolphin Browser HD from

Swype Keyboard on Telecom GT I5503T Android 2.2

I have successfully updated my Telecom Samsung Galaxy GT i5503T to Android 2.2 via the Kies application. The firmware upgrade went very smoothly with no real issues. Well, Except one. The Swype keyboard stopped working and my phone simply vibrated frantically and I couldn
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