Poor Pussycat

Got home today from UCOL to find my poor Little pussy cat has an injury. Limping on her front Left paw After taking her to the vet and getting her pain killers and an anti-flam, fortunately nothing was broken, Just a sprain in the joint so hopefully after a few days of “Inside rest” (Shell hate [...]

I just don’t get the mentality of scooter riders

Having seen first hand what happens when some idiot cage driver "didn't see you" I can not fathom getting on my motorbike without Armour on. It may not look 'pretty' but, given the results of seeing people who have been knocked off their motorbike by a cage driver, without their Armour and gloves, their injuries would have been much worse if not fatal.

Waiting in limbo

I applied for the National Diploma in Electrical Engineering before Christmas 2013, at the same time applying for a student loan with StudyLink. Well, the StudyLink side of things is all sorted, just waiting for UCOL to accept, or approve the application. What ever it is they do, they're taking their time.

ChipKIT, I’m converted

Ok, I’m officially a convert to the ChipKIT development platform as far as quick prototyping goes. Having used Arduino and don’t get me wrong, I will continue to use Arduino in various forms but the features of the PIC32 in the ChipKIT boards is just amazing. More room for programs, more I/O’s is [...]

$9 Arduino Compatible Starter Kit

A number of months ago, I stumbled upon a crowd funded project. Being new to the whole crowd funding at the time I umm’d and aahhh’d about whether to hand over some cash to help fund this project on Indiegogo. The project was a $9 Arduino compatible stater kit, this was an Arduino Leonardo [...]

PIC Micro-controllers and 74HC595 Shift Registers

I recently converted to Microchip Tech PIC micro-controllers after using AVR from Atmel, I found myself enjoying the learning process and challenges that came with it. Getting my head around MPLAB is an on going process. I often see people bag MPLAB but honestly, it works. It’s not as nice as AVR [...]

Fraudster slapped with wet bus ticket

A Manawatu women who was incorrectly claiming an invilid benefit has been slapped over the wrist with a wet bus ticket. Yvette Woolston was recieving an invilid benefit as a single person becuase she didn

LCDs and Shift Registers

In my last post Saving Digital Pins on Arduino

Saving digital pin on Arduino with a shift register

When building a project with Arduino it soon becomes apparent that you wish there were more input/output pins available, especially when you involve an LCD screen in to the equation. I began play around with a 74HC595

Just the nudge I needed to get going

I have been wanting to get into playing around with Arduino for quite some time. However, for what ever reason I have not taken the plunge and ordered an Arduino board. That was until recently, a friend asked if I’d be interested in programming up a project for her, which just so happens to be [...]
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