Traffic lights are there for a reason

Ok, My understanding is that when you are stopped at a red traffic light you stayed stopped until the lights changed to green. Am I wrong on this. I don’t really want to test it. But today we had someone do just that. We were sitting at a red light with a car next to …

Women do use Linux

And I can prove it. A) I am one and B) Check out LinuxChix and LinuxChix NZ It’s great to see more and more women getting involved in Open Source software and even putting their hand up to say "I use it"

Go the Truckies

Ok so this is not very technical. But I have to agree with what the Truckies in New Zealand are doing with their efforts to protest against the Governments increase of Road User Charges. Read the 3 News Article for more information.

Server of choice

I was installing Fedora 9 for my dad the other day. He was looking for a test bed server solution and as it was being installed on Mum’s computer I figured Fedora 9 provides a nice desktop solution too. While I feel Fedora is stable on the most part to provide me a desktop pc … NFS File Locking

If like me, you are using NFS file sharing you may run into the problem of not opening files or being unable to save files on network mounted filesystems. The work around for this is simple enough to do, but must be done after each update to

Fedora 9

Well, I’ve been running Fedora 9 for a fair while now. I have to say, overall I’m very impressed. Though I have a major gripe about KDE. As a user of KDE from Redhat 5.1 switching to Gnome was however painless.

Securing your FrontPage GuestBook

Don’t you hate it when you find pages of spam websites listed in your FrontPage guestbook. This will help overcome some of these issues.Note: There is no way to completely secure your guestbook other than not having one. But this can help. Basically all the article will do is show you how to stop web …