Faces in food

March 19, 2013 kimberly 0

Every now and then, while preparing a meal you get something that looks cute. Well this was one of those moments. How can you chop […]

Name that blog

March 18, 2013 kimberly 0

It’s a muggy, wet and pretty much a miserable day outside, and while I know we need the rain due to the drought conditions, it […]

Insanely busy day

March 16, 2013 kimberly 2

Well, one brain scheme idea led to another and I ended up not only setting up kimmynz.com for my personal blog, I also ended up […]

No Picture

Had this for so long

March 14, 2013 kimberly 0

I’ve had this WordPress account for so long, although I never used the hosted blog. My wordpress always use to be self hosted. I figure […]