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Clean up

Just a small trailer load of crap from around the section so far. Much more to go over the next few days, but the section is starting to look a lot tidier now.

I just don’t get the mentality of scooter riders

Having seen first hand what happens when some idiot cage driver “didn’t see you” I can not fathom getting on my motorbike without Armour on. It may not look ‘pretty’ but, given the results of seeing people who have been knocked off their motorbike by a cage driver, without their Armour and gloves, their injuries would have been much worse if not fatal.

Organising content

Well, that was a mission I have absolutely no intention of ever repeating again. I have migrated posts across from my original blog which was erratic at best, but posts dated back to 2008 and while I initially thought I’d just let them die with the domain they were on, I have decided some of …

Faces in food

Every now and then, while preparing a meal you get something that looks cute. Well this was one of those moments. How can you chop that up? #cucumber #food #face A post shared by Kimberly (@zl2kej) on Mar 18, 2013 at 9:59pm PDT  

Name that blog

It’s a muggy, wet and pretty much a miserable day outside, and while I know we need the rain due to the drought conditions, it doesn’t feel like a very inspiring day. So what else do you do on days like today? Stare at your blog for a while and hope inspiration comes. Then it …

Insanely busy day

Well, one brain scheme idea led to another and I ended up not only setting up for my personal blog, I also ended up migrating another site from Joomla to WordPress and giving that brand a .com domain. My idea I think will be

To be hosted or self host

Well, as I mentioned in This Post over on my blog I was contemplating moving to a self hosted, well my blog has moved to After playing with the WordPress hosted blog and while I like the hosted blog, my own self hosted blog gives me much more freedom and ability …

Getting fit & losing weight

just did a quick blast on my lateral thigh trainer. By quick I mean 8 minutes, 500 strides. I usually do an hour over 2x 30 minute sessions but today I’ve only done half an hour so figured I should at least do a little more. Some is better than none right? In an attempt …