My Diary

My diary – Personal entries, you may feel creepy reading these.

Happy New Year [Video]

New Years Eve celebration from the Palmerston North Square. Saying goodbye to 2016 and bringing in 2017 with a bang. I hope 2017 is an epic year for you all.

Feel kind of void!

Well, it's officially 'holiday' time for me. I finished my last exam at 5:10pm on Friday 28th November 2014. Year 1 of the NZ Diploma in Electrical Engineering is over!

End of a chapter

End of year 1 of the National Diploma in Electrical Engineering is coming to a close, just 1 test and 3 exams to go over the next couple of weeks. All this started on Feb 17, 2014. What seems like, an age ago looking back now. This year has gone so fast, it’s hard to believe just how far I have [...]

Moving to OneNote

Moving my blog management to OneNote, this app rocks. Given that I can hand write entries, it just seems the next Logical move in blogging. Writing a Journal on my Surface Pro 2 is cool, it’ll also means I can pick and choose what to send to WordPress. Yes, I can also type entries then send those [...]

Poor Pussycat

Got home today from UCOL to find my poor Little pussy cat has an injury. Limping on her front Left paw After taking her to the vet and getting her pain killers and an anti-flam, fortunately nothing was broken, Just a sprain in the joint so hopefully after a few days of “Inside rest” (Shell hate [...]

Waiting in limbo

I applied for the National Diploma in Electrical Engineering before Christmas 2013, at the same time applying for a student loan with StudyLink. Well, the StudyLink side of things is all sorted, just waiting for UCOL to accept, or approve the application. What ever it is they do, they're taking their time.

Surrounding Awareness

Having had wall to wall blue sky and sunshine with only a light breeze for the weekend, has meant I’ve had the pleasure of being able to get out and about on my motorcycle and enjoy this lovely weather. I’ve had the privilege of riding from Auckland to Palmerston North on two occasions and I hope [...]

That’ll teach me

Well that’ll teach me! Long story short, I ended up walking 4.2km on Thursday morning after dropping my van off at the Mechanic to have some issues rectified and the warrant done as it is due. Upon getting home 40 minutes later, I stretched and cooled down as one should after exercise and I felt [...]
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