Feel kind of void!

November 29, 2014 kimberly 0

Well, it’s officially ‘holiday’ time for me. I finished my last exam at 5:10pm on Friday 28th November 2014. Year 1 of the NZ Diploma in Electrical Engineering is over!

Crowd Funding Gone bad

November 22, 2014 kimberly 2

Update after bullshit update, and still nothing. This campaign closed nearly a year ago, and shipment was suppose, to begin 9 months ago.

End of a chapter

November 14, 2014 kimberly 0

End of year 1 of the National Diploma in Electrical Engineering is coming to a close, just 1 test and 3 exams to go over […]

Clean up

October 5, 2014 kimberly 0

Just a small trailer load of crap from around the section so far. Much more to go over the next few days, but the section is starting to look a lot tidier now.

Comparing OneNote Modern

August 16, 2014 kimberly 0

Well, Using OneNote desktop is a good experience. So, how does OneNote Modern, stack up? First impressions, it looks good. I’d really like to use […]

Moving to OneNote

July 13, 2014 kimberly 0

Moving my blog management to OneNote, this app rocks. Given that I can hand write entries, it just seems the next Logical move in blogging. […]

Poor Pussycat

June 25, 2014 kimberly 0

Got home today from UCOL to find my poor Little pussy cat has an injury. Limping on her front Left paw After taking her to […]

I just don’t get the mentality of scooter riders

February 4, 2014 kimberly 0

Having seen first hand what happens when some idiot cage driver “didn’t see you” I can not fathom getting on my motorbike without Armour on. It may not look ‘pretty’ but, given the results of seeing people who have been knocked off their motorbike by a cage driver, without their Armour and gloves, their injuries would have been much worse if not fatal.

Waiting in limbo

January 30, 2014 kimberly 0

I applied for the National Diploma in Electrical Engineering before Christmas 2013, at the same time applying for a student loan with StudyLink. Well, the StudyLink side of things is all sorted, just waiting for UCOL to accept, or approve the application. What ever it is they do, they’re taking their time.

ChipKIT, I’m converted

December 31, 2013 kimberly 0

Ok, I’m officially a convert to the ChipKIT development platform as far as quick prototyping goes. Having used Arduino and don’t get me wrong, I […]