Ocean Inn Motel

June 5, 2017 kimberly 0

It’s once again time to find some accommodation in order to attend an event out of town. This time we’re traveling back to Auckland and on relatively short notice, finding somewhere to stay for Queens Birthday weekend could be interesting. Well, we found place, in fact we got their last room. We’re staying at the Ocean Inn Motel in Northcote, Auckland.

Testing Video Embed

January 26, 2017 kimberly 0

A simple test of embedding video into my website using Wordpress directly. This might be the start of things to come if I move video hosting off YouTube to VideoPress in order to run my own monetisation of things.

Camera Positions [Video]

January 5, 2017 kimberly 0

Trying out different camera positions on the bike, I placed one on the seat post looking backwards. Probably would be better slightly higher up maybe.

Happy New Year [Video]

January 1, 2017 kimberly 0

New Years Eve celebration from the Palmerston North Square. Saying goodbye to 2016 and bringing in 2017 with a bang. I hope 2017 is an epic year for you all.

Why I went to GoPro

December 22, 2016 kimberly 0

Having spent the past two years advocating for the Drift Ghost S action camera, their lack of support and ability to purchase spares and new cameras has seen me turn my back on Drift Innovation in favor for GoPro.

I could get use to this

December 21, 2016 kimberly 0

Holiday’s are nearly here, 1/2 a day left of work to go. The sun is starting to shine more and things are warming up. I could get use to this.

Palmy Loop [Video]

December 17, 2016 kimberly 0

This mornings 32km ride around Palmerston North in the space of 60 seconds. Trying out the new GoPro Hero 5’s and the GoPro Quick Software.

Choosing a camera

January 10, 2015 kimberly 0

I want to start publishing vlogs on a regular basis for the blog, I’d also like to be able to include MotoVlog footage, so time to look for a decent camera that will be capable of producing decent quality to match what I record when I’m not on the Motorbike.

OneNote meets Filofax

December 21, 2014 kimberly 0

Recently, I decided that my method of keeping track of course work for class could just as easily keep track of everything my organiser does. Without wanting to give up my Filofax Metropol Personal Organiser I figure why not combine the two.

Nautilus Hotel

December 15, 2014 kimberly 0

We are once again staying at the Nautilus Hotel on Marine Parade in Napier for a weekend of work and relaxation. The Nautilus Hotel is […]