Why I went to GoPro

A few posts back, (ok a while ago now) I blogged about choosing a camera. In that post I outlined why I went with the Ghost S. Primarily I preferred the shape as when it was mounted on a helmet the profile was pretty good aerodynamically. I vowed for quite some time that I would never mount a brick to my head that could catch wind and cause unnecessary drag.

Well, nearly two years later and I now own 2 GoPro Hero 5 Black cameras. Yeah, I own and mount a brick in multiple places now, and I will no doubt be adding more to the collection. There is only one reason for this. I simply couldn’t purchase second Drift Ghost S easily.

It all started when my Drift remote started playing up. I figure I’d buy a new remote, a second camera and spare batteries etc.. I was looking at upgrading to the new Drift 4K. Controlling multiple cameras with a single remote was always in mind.

However, it would appear (according to Drift Innovation’s website), there are no longer any authorised re-sellers in New Zealand for Drift Innovation. Ok cool, I’ll just buy directly from Drift Innovation. Or so I thought.

I created an account on their website, went to make a purchase of not a small amount of money. Get to adding an address and bam, can’t! No way to add a New Zealand address for shipping. Their site states shipping to NZ but alas, there is no way in hell you can add a New Zealand delivery address.

Ok, head over to Drift Cam Forum to post a question. Whoa, back the truck up. The forums are absolutely full of porn spam and seems like the whole site is pretty much neglected and gone to shit. No sign of any moderators or even any real conversation regarding their products.

Ok, fire them an email.. Nope no reply, try and reach out on social media? hmm ignored. Yeah thanks for fuck all Drift. I was ready to invest some decent money into your products and in hindsight, probably glad I didn’t.

Oh bugger, now what? Time to look at alternatives. Reluctantly I started a bit of research into the others, GoPro, Contour, Garmin etc.. GoPro in the end won it for me. although the Hero 5 Black does have some flaws of it’s own. I do not regret the purchase.

At least with GoPro getting spares / support etc is easy enough and abundant in New Zealand.

So all in all, Good bye Drift Innovation while the Ghost S as a whole is an awesome camera, I won’t be spending any more money on your products.

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