Choosing a camera

Finding an action camera to suit my needs turned out to be a little more in depth than I initially contemplated.

Currently using a cheap Polaroid XS7, which for the most part is a great camera for the price I paid. (About NZD$50), However using this to MotoVlog is proving to be an absolute nightmare.

For starters, there is no audio input to plug a mic in, so recording via bluetooth to my phone is my only way of recording audio and that quality isn’t great.

The camera does 720p but at 30fps the image quality is not great. My mount is a nightmare to actually setup correctly, I’m still struggling to get it at a decent viewing angle.

I want to start publishing vlogs on a regular basis for the blog, I’d also like to be able to include MotoVlog footage, so time to look for a decent camera that will be capable of producing decent quality to match what I record when I’m not on the Motorbike.

GoPro I hear you shout, and yes, initially I was considering a GoPro Hero 4 Silver, 1080p @ 60fps with the ability to plug a mic into from my helmet.

I saw someone mention a Drift Ghost HD as the camera they used for MotoVlogs, so figured I’d have a look into it. Seems like a pretty decent camera, slightly cheaper than the GoPro, though 720p @ 60fps. The adjustable lens angle seems cool, means the angle of the mount isn’t as crucial as the GoPro. That’s a bonus given I am having all sorts of problems with the viewing angle of the current mounting system. Another bonus is it doesn’t stick out like dogs balls from the side of a helmet. Still only 720p though. Not bad I guess, 720p is ok and being at 60fps it’s got to be better than the current camera.

Step in the Drift Ghost S! While browsing about the HD, the S came to light. Similar to the HD, but 1080p @ 60fps, hey now we’re talking, similar specs as the GoPro Hero 4 Silver (I will never do 4K in the next few years, so the 4K stuff I’m ignoring)

I ran a bit of a comparison of the Ghost Drift S and the GoPro Hero 4 Silver, pretty close spec (not including the 4K) but the Ghost S has a 300

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