OneNote meets Filofax

Creating notepaper for my Filofax Metropol Personal with OneNote
Creating notepaper for my Filofax Metropol Personal with OneNote

I’ve been using OneNote 2013 desktop for keeping track of course notes for the past 6 months. It was inevitable that the personal organiser (Filofax) should crash into technology.

Recently, I decided that my method of keeping track of course work for class could just as easily keep track of everything my organiser does. Without wanting to give up my Filofax Metropol Personal Organiser I figure why not combine the two.

There is just something about a organiser such as the Filofax that a computer just doesn’t replicate. I still can’t put my finger on it, but with technology increasingly taking a front stage a way of combining the two just seemed like the next logical step.

I use my Filofax to keep track of my day to day info, notes get dumped in there for various areas of my life for whatever reason. OneNote is starting to be a place where I am dumping notes from my Filofax for archival purposes, so I guess going back and forth between the two is a logical move.

OneNote and Outlook also mean I have the ability to create my weekly task list for my Filofax but also inject it into the Outlook tasks, which in turn ends up not only in Outlook, but also on my phone tasks. So I essentially have them everywhere I need them.

Now, if I want notes available in my Filofax from OneNote, I can get them in a format for my Filofax. Unfortunately OneNote doesn’t support pagination so some messing around is required for pages that are the “Auto” page type in OneNote.

Getting pages into my Filofax that are of Personal (95mm x 172mm) size on the other hand is a breeze. I have a template setup for the page dimensions in OneNote, So single page creations in OneNote are easily printed.

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