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We are once again staying at the Nautilus Hotel on Marine Parade in Napier for a weekend of work and relaxation. The Nautilus Hotel is a location we have stayed at before and we found the service and room to be of excellent standard.

So, we are back for a second time, this time we are on the top level with an awesome view of the east coast directly across the road we over look. Although the weather hasn’t played its part as well this time, the stay was equally enjoyable.

The room has a shower/toilet on-suite, kitchenette with cook top, microwave and mini fridge with mini bar. Jug, pots and pans along with a 4 place setting dinner set are provided so you can easily cook your own meals etc. Or, if you prefer there is a restaurant onsite.

The bed was comfortable and we slept really well, plenty of pillows are provided so finding one to suite you shouldn’t be a problem.

The cleaning staff were awesome, efficient and extremely friendly. Cleaning of rooms seems to start around 10am for occupied rooms, ours was serviced just after lunch.

The in room spa was fantastic. In fact, it was the part I was looking forward to the most.

The location is close to the city centre. This means you are within walking distance to shopping, cafes and off premise restaurants. There are supermarkets easily within a 15 minute walk if you prefer to prepare your own food.

The only issues we had were minor in the greater scheme of things, a blown light bulb in one of the bedside lamps, which was replaced as soon as we informed reception. The hot water in the kitchenette took a few minutes to actually run hot, and the audio/video sync on TV3 was so far out it made it impossible to watch TV3, all other channels were fine. I did consider re-tuning the channel but I’ll just inform reception as it’s not a big deal for us anyway.

The kitchenette was more than adequate. However, the shelving above the bench is quite high, lifting the plates down from the second shelf could be an issue for someone who is short. Plenty of storage space provided along with an in room safe.

The sound proofing between rooms seems pretty good, although if we were dead quite we could, occasionally hear the TV from next door. However, I have a feeling that it was up quite loud as they may have had their spa running, which do make quite a bit of noise in their own right.

Overall though the rooms are reasonably quite, overlooking a main road does mean some road noise but nothing intrusive. The seagulls make more noise than the traffic.

The Nautilus offer free WIFI or a cabled network connection in each room, I however opted not to use either due to personal preference when it comes to insecure open networks. Call me paranoid but, it

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