Feel kind of void!

Filofax Metropol PersonalWell, it’s officially ‘holiday’ time for me. I finished my last exam at 5:10pm on Friday 28th November 2014.

I feel, well, empty I guess is the best way to describe it. No assignments, no labs to work on, no study for tests or exams to do. I kind of feel a little lost and not sure what to do.

I spent the day pottering around doing bits and pieces, sorted my Filofax out for the end of year, so that’s pretty much ready to take me into the Christmas / New Year period. Now, I seem to have run out of stuff to do.

I’ve sorted my Filofax, organised OneNote, tidied up OneDrive and cleared off unnecessary files of my Surface Pro 2. Laptop is now full of junk that I have to tidy up but really, I can’t be bothered at this point in time. Maybe writing this is just a way of me procrastinating sorting out my laptop hard drive.

I’m on dinner cooking duty tonight, having honey and soy chicken drum sticks. Should think about organising that soon I guess.

If it wasn’t so damn blustery outside, I’d go for a ride on the bike. But, looks like Tuesday will be the only day I’ll be able to do that, due to the weather.

We have absolutely nothing planned for the weekend, which is kind of nice I guess. Just not use to having absolutely nothing to do, or at least, nothing that needs to be done . Haha, Who knew I’d miss being a student, and this is only day one. Guess I should start organising project the ideas that I have and start making some of them happen.

I also have some blog post ideas in the planning list too, so I will start working on those over the next few weeks. Hey, look, apparently I do have something to do.

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I'm an Electronics Service Technician by day. By night I'm an Application Developer, Embedded Software Developer, Mountain Biking chic. Currently starting to put together some home automation projects which I'll be posting progress on the site.

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