Crowd Funding Gone bad

Well, Crowd funding has been a disaster for me. Maybe I should have researched more before contributing the second time around.

Long story short, I came across the $9 Arduino on Indiegogo in August 2013. I contributed and got 20 Arduino Leonardo compatible boards. After some delay in that campaign, people were worried may have turned into a scam.

Anyway, the 20 compatible boards finally showed up. Then the same guy ran another campaign for a shield and other components. He also made the statement that “He’d Learnt from the mistakes of the $9 Arduino.” I thought cool, It’Il be a quick and easy campaign. Oh how wrong I was.

The deadline for delivery came and went, upon doing some research I found a guy called Dimitri was also involved, and this guy had apparently done fraudulent things in the past. Given credit it looks Like he was also involved with the $9 Arduino which I did receive.

Update after bullshit update, and still nothing. This campaign closed nearly a year ago, and shipment was suppose, to begin 9 months ago.

I’m now at a point where we are having to move and after trying to contact Harold Timmis to change my address, this has all but gone ignored. I guess I say bye to $69USD and maybe one day, the new occupants of where we live will have some free shit someday. Assuming this crap ever ships.

Well, Harold, you’re full of shit. You Learnt nothing from the Last campaign. ‘Bullshit updates don’t cut it.’

Harold, your wife must be so proud that he has helped rip off 4299 people to the sum of USD$248,116. Fucking good example your setting for your new child.

Anyone know what would be required to take out a class action law suit against this thief? If it’s even possible.

From what I’m seeing, Indiegogo themselves really don’t give a rats ass either. So I advise anyone looking at hooking into crowd funded, don’t buy into anything on Indiegogo, they’ll leave you high and dry if the campaign your backing goes to shit!

Thankfully it is only $78 NZ D that I’m out of pocket on, but I will never buy into crowd funded projects on Indiegogo again.

Apparently there are criminal investigations underway with regards to Harold Timmis and Smart-maker, I’ll keep an eye on things and see where that leads.

If Harold Timimis even looks slightly linked to any crowd funded campaign, on any service. I would recommend you simply close the browser window before clicking on any link that will have you parting ways with your money.

Admittedly, not all crowd funded campaigns are full of shit. But be very cautious with how much money you part with. If you can’t afford to simply light it on fire. Then don’t do it.


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  1. I fell into the same trap with the Kreyos smartwatch campaign on Indiegogo… Was almost a year late on delivery and the product ended up failing due to crappy quality. Having said that, there have been several campaigns that I’ve supported and the product I’ve received in return has been of good quality. The saying “If it’s too good to be true it probably isn’t true…” really applies to those campaigns.

  2. Kimberly, maybe those info are not new to you. Anyway, perhaps in NZ is something similar to this Australian complaint to try to get back your money:

    If you want to annoy Harold (BE), Dimitri (smartmaker), there is an option:

    And this guy started a petition online and tried to reach some layers in US:

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