End of a chapter

End of year 1 of the National Diploma in Electrical Engineering is coming to a close, just 1 test and 3 exams to go over the next couple of weeks.

All this started on Feb 17, 2014. What seems like, an age ago looking back now. This year has gone so fast, it’s hard to believe just how far I have come since walking into class for the first day on 17th Feb 2014.

These past couple of weeks have felt so busy and rushed, but looking at it, this year is coming to a close quite nicely

Looking back through notes as I do revision for the upcoming test and exams, I have accumulated an absolute gold mine of reference material for the future. Over the Christmas holidays I plan to revise some of the notes and just clean them up, to make them a nice bench reference for future.

Since digitising notes into Microsoft OneNote, this process is going to be a synch on my Surface Pro 2.

Finishing our last official class of learning today means it’s nearly officially over. This is the start of the next chapter really. I’m excited for year two and am keen to get into it. However, I need a holiday. I actually feel like I need a break of doing sweet F.A. Ending the year on a high note is absolutely fantastic. I honestly couldn’t ask for it to end any better than it currently is.

I have made some really cool friends throughout the year, I’m honoured to have had the privilege of studying with the people in my class. It’s been one hell of a ride and I look forward to the future for all of us.’

While I may not see eye to eye on some approaches and styles of teaching from our lecturers, again it has been a privilege to be in your class. Your knowledge and passion for the subjects taught is astounding. All frustrations aside, my knowledge has improved greatly and I appreciate the work my lecturers have done to get all of us through to this point.

I look forward to having you all as my lecturers again next year.

Now though, It

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