Comparing OneNote Modern

OneNote Modern
OneNote Modern

Well, Using OneNote desktop is a good experience.

So, how does OneNote Modern, stack up?

First impressions, it looks good. I’d really like to use it.

Using the pen (stylus on Surface Pro 2) is nicer on the desktop though, the cross hairs are a little big compared to the dot which is shown on the desktop page.

Modern has no printing ability. I need to print stuff for class, like assignments etc..!

I can’t open password protected sections. I have password protected sections in some notebooks. It would be nice to be able to actually open those sections.

Modern can’t export pages to Word or Email, or send to blog posts, nor can it support add-ins such as Onetastic, which is a nice add in I use on OneNote Desktop.

While I really like the look of OneNote Modern, I will not be moving from OneNote Desktop until modern has all of the features of OneNote Desktop.


NB: The above was hand written in OneNote Modern, but I had to use OneNote Desktop to export this to a blog post. I look forward to future releases of OneNote Modern.

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