Poor Pussycat

Got home today from UCOL to find my poor Little pussy cat has an injury. Limping on her front Left paw

After taking her to the vet and getting her pain killers and an anti-flam, fortunately nothing was

broken, Just a sprain in the joint so hopefully after a few days of “Inside rest” (Shell hate it) it will

come right and she’ll be back to her normal self and be able to walk on her paw again without it hurting.

Though, the shots the vet gave her seem to already be working, which is good. It’s going to make it interesting when she can’t go outside in the morning though.

She’ll hate it Less than when I give her the tablets she’s been prescribed by the vet.



pays to proof read properly, I posted a hand written entry from OneNote to WordPress, I just fixed the handwriting to text conversion errors

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