I just don’t get the mentality of scooter riders

Maybe I’m ‘old’ or maybe I’m just not an idiot, but I do not get the mentality of these people who insist of riding motorised machines on two wheels, in jandals, skirts/shorts and t-shirts.

Do you people even consider the consequences when you walk out the door, and hop on your teeny tiny scooter, then proceed into a 100km area?

Scooter Rider
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Come on, surely you value your life just a little bit. Do you not realise the damage caused to your bare skin areas, in an accident, you may as well not even been wearing that crash helmet?

I don’t get it. Yeah, sure, safety gear may hide your pretty little dress, but your pretty little dress sure as heck won’t save you from ripping open your legs and bleeding to death.

While it seems to be common among young women, who seem to be more concerned about fashion than safety, the guys are no better. In fact, common among the males is bare feet, shorts and t-shirt. Yeah, they do it on large motorbikes too.

Having seen first hand what happens when some idiot cage driver “didn’t see you” I can not fathom getting on my motorbike without Armour on. It may not look ‘pretty’ but, given the results of seeing people who have been knocked off their motorbike by a cage driver, without their Armour and gloves, their injuries would have been much worse if not fatal.

The thing that really irks me, people don’t seem to learn. Heck, it wasn’t that long ago a teenager who was on a scooter was killed here in Palmerston North. I admit, I don’t know whether the person was wearing protective gear (other than a helmet) or not, however, I suspect not in that case.

It’s not hard to save your life. You may think ‘Oh, it’s just around town, I’ll be fine’. well, let me know how fine you are after you skid down the road with your scooter on top of you at 45km/h after a car driver ‘Didn’t see you’.

I doubt those who ride them in 100km areas will be telling me anything.

At least with full protection, you stand a fighting chance. In fact, someone I know, their Jacket, Pants, Gloves and Helmet, meant they were able to get up, out of the middle of the road after being side swiped by an idiot changing lanes, and avoided being run over by other cars, much to the surprise of emergency services. Yes, the driver of the car was at fault.

So, How much is your life worth?

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