Waiting in limbo

It currently feels as though I am in limbo, I’m waiting for confirmation of an enrollment at UCOL for a course. They really know how to drag their heels.

I applied for the National Diploma in Electrical Engineering before Christmas 2013, at the same time applying for a student loan with StudyLink. Well, the StudyLink side of things is all sorted, just waiting for UCOL to accept, or approve the application. What ever it is they do, they’re taking their time.I’m the kind of person that likes results right away, maybe this quirk isn’t exactly helping the situation. But after a couple of “Further Information Required” requests, I think I should know by now whether I’m accepted in to the course or not.

Why is it organisations drag their feet when it comes to administration stuff.

I would like to know sooner rather than later, as to whether I will need to be concentrating on making a living, or if I will be a student. Confirmation from StudyLink came through several weeks ago, surely that’s not to much to ask, given we are at the end of January as to the status of my application.


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