$9 Arduino Compatible Starter Kit

A number of months ago, I stumbled upon a crowd funded project. Being new to the whole crowd funding at the time I umm’d and aahhh’d about whether to hand over some cash to help fund this project on Indiegogo.

The project was a $9 Arduino compatible stater kit, this was an Arduino Leonardo compatible clone for, yes you guessed it, USD$9 + 3 p&P.

I couldn’t resist, I had an idea to start teaching people about Arduino, but the cost of official boards meant setup costs were prohibitive to do so. Well, this campaign changed everything as far as setup costs went. I was able to get 20 of the $9 Arduino Compatible Starter Kits which would set me well on my way to offering classes to those who were interested.

$9 Arduino Compatible Boards
$9 Arduino Compatible Boards

As the funding went on, more items were added to the kits, for example with the addition of photo resistors, buzzer, LEDs etc… It made for a brilliant starting point.

As time went on, the manufacturing process seemed to go smoothly and ahead of schedule, maybe this made for future hold ups seeming worse than they were.

A month after the shipping date, and tracking numbers not working, people were complaining they weren’t getting their boards. As this went on, others started asking for refunds, and speculating this was all a scam.. I admit, that did have me worried a little, hell NZD$250 goes along way to putting food on the table too.

Harold from Borderless Electronics went silent for nearly 20 days, so even more was thrown around as to whether we would see the boards or not. I was even beginning to think I’ll never opt in to one of these crowd funded projects again.

A few days ago, Harold updated everyone, there were issues with Hong Kong Post, as I said earlier the fact manufacturing went so smoothly probably made this seem worse than it was. As it turns out, Harold and his team did a great job to sort everything out. Packages were reassigned, mine went back to Hong Kong post with the same tracking number. And guess what? well, if you’ve looked at the photo, you’ll see my kits have arrived in one piece.

I applaud Harold for all his time and effort he as put in to this.

For those who are still waiting for their kits, I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised in the near future.

As for me, watch this space. Cool things are in the planning, and yes, I may just contribute to a crowd funded project again.

Traffic Light Sketch on a $9 Arduino Compatible Board
Traffic Light Sketch on a $9 Arduino Compatible Board
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