Simple console application to roll dice

Learning C# or C-Sharp, has got to be one of the best choices I’ve made when it comes to programming, Actually sitting down and learning the ins and out of classes, structures, interfaces, methods etc.. has solidified a lot more than just the C# code. It’s made a lot of sense as far as other languages go as well. I’m probably picking it up a lot faster due to having a back ground in Delphi and Visual Basic.

Through out the process of learning C# I built a little dice rolling application for the console. I hope others learning C# are finding it just as enjoyable as I am. I figure there are probably a ton of these little apps floating around on the net, but for anyone learning, I hope you find this code useful and informative.

I am by no means a C# expert yet, and this can probably be made even better, but for now it does what its suppose to and it demonstrates a few things. This was written in Visual Studio 2012 and compiled using csc

[code lang=”csharp”]// MyDice.cs – A simple die rolling console application

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