Mounting a camera to a motorcycle

Polaroid XS7 Mounted to Motorcycle
Polaroid XS7 Mounted to Motorcycle

If you’ve been watching closely, you may have noticed I’ve finally got myself an action sports camera.

It’s a stepping stone to my Go-Pro, but I have to say I am very impressed with the Polaroid XS7 Action Sports Camera. For what we paid I think it’s a great entry level camera for those who are looking at getting into action video.

Primarily this camera will be used on my motorcycle rides so mounting it to the bike was a priority. The camera itself came with mounts for bike handle bars and helmet (bicycle) but both could easily be adapted to fit the motorbike with little effort.

In fact, my first attempt was simply put on the handle bars which can be seen on my YouTube channel or in the previous blog post. Though this did cause an issue of vibration being picked up from the bars into the camera mount.

I had to re-think things as far as the mounting position and try and limit the vibration through the mount. So I found a nice place, I think the vibration will be minimal and a modified door stop to use within the clamping system which will hopefully provide stability.

The only thing left to do now it to test the current setup and keep everything crossed that it works out as well as I hope. If not it’ll be back to the drawing board. I hope to have it tested tomorrow so watch this space.

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  1. I’ve been looking into buying one of these adorable little cuties. Seeing your review, although fairly short, has mad me want it that tiny bit more :))

    • I would suggest spending the extra money and going for a higher quality camera such as a Go-Pro over the cheaper alternatives. Especially if quality and stable video is important.

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