Motorcycle mounted camera test

Have finally managed to get myself an action sports camera, not quite the Go-Pro but a good stepping stone none the less.

I purchased a Polaroid XS7 Hi-Def Sports Video Camera. Upon getting it yesterday and the first one having a slight issue I received it’s replacement today.

I mounted the bracket to my motorcycle and went for a bit of a ride to try it out. While the camera itself is very good, the vibration is not. As you can see in the video, I do need to re-think my mount positioning as I managed to pick probably the worst place on the bike for it.

I’ll be re-positioning the mount and looking at more shock mount options to remove the vibration completely over the coming weekend.

I muted the sound in the video as again, my positioning meant the bike actually over drove the poor little microphone on the camera. I tested this in the car and I was impressed with the overall quality, Yes you can say the Go-Pro is better, but given that the Polaroid was 3/4 of the price I think it’s a pretty neat little camera.

Warning: This video is a little over 4 minutes long, you won’t get that back in your life. Though future videos done on the bike, will be of a lot better quality and hopefully worth watching.

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