That’ll teach me

Well that’ll teach me!

Long story short, I ended up walking 4.2km on Thursday morning after dropping my van off at the Mechanic to have some issues rectified and the warrant done as it is due.

Upon getting home 40 minutes later, I stretched and cooled down as one should after exercise and I felt fantastic for it. Walking with someone with short legs for the first 20 minutes meant my overall speed was slightly lower than normal for that one but all was good.

Later that afternoon, I walked back into town to go do some shopping, again walking a little slower than I normally do, which in itself was fine. However I made one fatal mistake. When I got to UCOL to wait for my partner to finish work, I did no stretching or warm down. I simply sat down and waited.

Getting up after 10 minutes I felt a little stiff, we walked around for about 40 minutes and we bought a new vacuum cleaner so I was now carrying that. Felt ok, a little sore but otherwise good.

Caught the bus home, had dinner, tried out our flash new vacuum, which I might add works bloody wonderfully.

Well, the next day I could hardly bloody move. Again, up on getting home the evening before I should have stretched and warmed down but I didn’t.

I paid the price in every way. I was so bloody sore it was

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