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lemon-1Up until recently I was a huge fan of TwitterTweetK2 and AutoFbookK2, both of these plugins for Joomla were paid for. However in hindsight I wish I hadn’t wasted my money.

Thankfully they were cheap and in the end have served their purpose. However lack of support from the developer put me off even bothering with it. It turned out to be just another lemon in life.

I recently sent the developer a question on twitter

Hi, There seems to be a problem with TwitterTweetK2, It seems to ignore the fact “Always post on save” is set to no.

The reply I got was

Hi, please post your question in my support forum, since Twitter is unmonitored.

Hang on, you have a twitter account, which you A) obviously do infact monitor, you replied to me and B) wrote an app which I had to pay for that interacts with Twitter.. Am I the only one seeing the problem here?

Anyway, No I can not be f’d signing up to yet another website when you obviously have no interest in offering a solution via social media.

So, I began the hunt to find another solution to post to Facebook and Twitter automagically. I found probably the best solution too.

AutoTweetNG from has to be the best solution there is. It uses SEF urls out of the box rather than the ugly assed /index.php?com_componentname&id=xxx crap which the first one uses, and even better still, it supports more than Just Twitter and Facebook. For less than $50NZD I finally found a solution that was affordable and well worth the money.

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