Retailers charging a fitting fee?

fitting-roomRecently while listening to talkback radio, the topic of retailers charging a ‘fitting’ fee was raised by the host.

This got me thinking, would I pay to try on clothes? Well, No I probably wouldn’t. I would more likely go to a retailer that didn’t have a fitting fee and I can see the competition for customers getting tougher.

I have yet to actually see or get a name of a business charging their customers fitting fees.

While I can understand their concern that customers are coming in to their store, trying on clothing and leaving without buying anything just to order the item online from somewhere. I don’t think charging potential customers a fee for the privilege is the way to go.

Would you pay to try on clothing, shoes etc.. in a store or would you simply look elsewhere for a shop that didn’t have a fee?

Charging a fitting fee then removing that fee from any item purchased may be one method to limit the try and buy elsewhere issue that retailers are allegedly having.

I welcome comments with regards to any experiences you have encountered with this issue, both as a customer or as a retailer battling this problem.

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