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autotwitter-tweetOne thing I was missing since moving some of my sites to Joomla. Posting articles to Twitter and Facebook again became a manual task which I really didn’t want to have to remember to do.

So I started the search for something that would automatically do it for me when I published articles to the site.

I found a number of commercial extensions for Joomla that would do the job, though I thought some were more than a little over priced. I came across AutoFBook K2 and K2 TwitterTweet from stilero.comI decided on both these extensions as they are reasonably priced and were going to do exactly what I wanted of them in terms of automatically tweeting and sending articles to facebook. Note, I’m using the K2 versions; there are general Joomla content versions of both extensions that I’m sure work in exactly the same way for Joomla content articles.

I do have one gripe about both extensions however, and while I’m sure purely cosmetic and does not affect the functionality of either extension. My site is setup to use nicer looking URLS, in this case /blog/item/12-auto-publishing-to-social-networks but the URL used by both extensions is the standard Joomla non search engine friendly URL of /index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=12

As I said, this appears to be purely cosmetic and does not limit the ability of the extensions; in fact if your site doesn’t use URL rewriting you wouldn’t even notice this

However it would be nice to actually publish the URLs used by the site links and other resources. It is noticeable on articles that are tweeted, Visiting a URL posts by TwitterTweet will show it’s been tweeted x amount of times, however visiting the SEF URL from the site, does not show it having been tweeted or the tweet count is incorrect.

I’m still testing and trying to figure out if this method of posting URLs is having an impact on the site indexing by Google and other search engines. I’m hoping search engines won’t pick up the URLs posted by these extensions and mark them as duplicate content. Time will tell on that one.

Overall, If you’re looking for a method of automatically posting K2 articles to facebook or twitter, then I suggest you consider TwitterTweet K2 and AutoFBook K2 as these two extensions will do it for you and they are both easily configured and do exactly what they state they do.

You can find both these extensions in the Joomla Extension Directory

NOTE: I now recommend anyone wanting a solution for getting content to Social media use AutoTweet NG.

See This Article as to why I wish I had never wasted my time or money on AutoFbookK2 or TwitterTweetK2

AutoTweet NG –

AutoFBook K2 –

K2 TwitterTweet –

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