K2 Multi Images Plugin for Joomla

joomlaWhile surfing around the net, I stumbled across a commercial plugin yesterday for K2, I began to wonder if it would make a good addition to the already growing population of commercial plugins I’m buying.

Unfortunately a demo version wasn’t available to trial so I thought about it for an hour. I already have Simple Image Gallery Pro for K2 installed, do I really need another gallery style plugin.

Well, after looking at the screen shots. I came to the conclusion why not. It cost me a whole NZD$14.01 so its not like it was going to break the bank.

After purchasing and installing the plugin, I quickly noticed one thing. My K2 override I had in place to right justify the default image wasn’t wrapping the text on the left. I had a big white space, and some of my custom social sharing code was gone.

As you can probably tell, that has been since been solved, now the only issue I have is I don’t know how things will look when there are multiple images cued up in the article.

Hence the reason for this post. This will either look really screwed up to begin with for those of you who read it early on. If you’re a little late in reading this then hopefully I would have got the layout fixed and looking correct, or at least how I want it look.

As far as the plugin it self goes, I recommend it. Although If like me, you already have the Simple image Gallery Pro plugin installed you probably really don’t need it. I just liked the alternative way of adding images to posts.

I do however have an issue with trying to use the Browse Server buttons to insert images, Instead of the Media Manager screen loading I get a 403 Access Denied error. Not quite sure what is going on, so I will need to do some further testing of the plugin.

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