netbeans-ideDuring the early 90’s I dabbled with Turbo Pascal which later became Borland Pascal, then the eventual move to Borland Delphi.

During my time with Pascal and Delphi, I think I only released one thing which was a SysOp paging system for a BBS that used a Sound Blaster.

Having only ever dabbled with programming applications, early last month I started playing around with Eclipse and the Android SDK. Well it was pretty obvious with in a couple of days I needed to go a bit more in depth with Java. So I decided learning a new language was in order.

I’ve recently seen a few posts that Java should be killed, Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see an issue with Java. Yes there are some implementations that are questionable but overall I’m not sure that Java is necessarily¬†a bad thing.

Maybe I am missing something but given that Android appears to be so reliant on it as far as application development goes, It looks like it will be around for quite some time to come.

Anyway, upon purchasing a Teach yourself Android development in 24 hours, it soon became clear that I needed a better grounding in Java. Needless to say, that then resulted in an additional purchase of a Teach yourself Java in 24 hours.

I’m slowly working my through the book and I have to I am enjoying the challenge of learning a new language. I’ve always loved a challenge and this one is proving to be rewarding.

If you havn’t taken on a new challenge recently, I highly recommend it. As for my own progress, watch this space. Especially if you use an Android device.