Image source; Screen shot from Fishpond

Image source; Screen shot from Fishpond

I’m beginning to wonder whether Fishpond are actually completely up front as to their ‘ships from a local supplier’

Recently we discovered that their statement, ‘Ships within 24 hours from local supplier’ to be not quite as accurate as they stated. Sure, we purchased an item around Christmas so I didn’t expect to get it too quickly, I was picking we’d receive it by around the 14th January 2012 given the order was placed on 28th December 2011, but after 2 months still nothing had been received, except for a couple of feeble emails putting back delivery dates and an excuse that they were chasing up a local supplier. Come on Fishpond, can you supply the item or not? Well, it turns out not!

As stated, the item was order on the 28th December 2011, Fishpond then reported that the estimated delivery date would be between 7th and 14th January 2012. Great, that seemed a timely delivery date given we ordered it during a time when most businesses close down for the Christmas and New Year period.On the 17th January 2012 we received an order update from Fishpond stating the order was in transit to their warehouse, and the eta of them receiving the item was 20th January 2012. A bit longer than we had expected but given the time of year, we thought that was okay.23rd January 2012, Fishpond update the order status to an estimated delivery date to use of between 1st and 10th February 2012. So we figured, Fishpond must have received the item finally. At that time, upon looking at their website the item was in stock and ready to ship from a local supplier.Oh no, this is not actually the case. On 13th February 2012, Fishpond updated the order status as being out of stock and were offering us a refund. Hang on, on the 17th January 2012 they stated it was ‘in transit’ to their warehouse. If this was not the case, why the hell say it was.

Given that previous orders from Fishpond have been pretty good I wonder why they would they weren’t completely upfront to begin with.

Needless to say, we are now awaiting a full refund, I’m sorry to say Fishpond have just lost any and all credibility and I will honestly be thinking twice before purchasing anything from Fishpond again