EA Active Sports 2 Personal Trainer

Having just completed day 2 of my EA Active Sports 2 Personal Trainer workout, I thought I’d give you some feed back and my thought on the game.

I’ve read some negative feed back online and honestly, I’m sure those posting the negative feed back are those who are too lazy to actually commit to using the game regularly. No this is not a quick fix weight loss.

First off, let me deal with an issue I’ve seen reported and that I did in fact encounter.

The monitors that come with the game are not overly responsive sometimes, I found the problem to be the position of the sensor, especially the leg one is crucial, too high or low on the thigh and it won’t register correctly. I had a problem with this on Day 1. Day 2 how ever positioning the leg sensor about a hand width above the top of my knee cap and no problem what so ever, Every squat, jump and foot step I did was flawless with in the game play.

Others problems seemed like they had to do more with the actual setup of the wii hardware, eg: the sensor bar, Our sensor bar sensitivity is set quite high, whether that makes a difference I don’t know but the USB stick plugged in and the sensors that came with Active 2 personal trainer worked out of the box.

As far as the workouts go, I love the one I’m currently doing, yes I’ve only just completed day 2 of the 3 week medium program. It’s an excellent program and yes I was a little apprehensive at first about picking the medium over the easy, however now I think if I had gone for easy it may have been a little too easy for me personally.

While the on line communication to EAs servers are slow for loading and saving data, if you have signed-up for the on line options, It is nice to be able to sit down at the computer and monitor your progress later. It is a shame that EA has lost money on this one and are possibly no longer continuing with it.

The motivation for exercise has to come from you, but I love the game and look forward to developing my own workouts as I progress.

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