EB Games – Downtown Palmerston North

Recently we purchased ourselves a Nintendo Wii gaming console and amidst our fresh need for exercise games, we were visiting the usual suspects where we could purchase new games.

We visited EB Games in Downtown Palmerston North as the main EB Games website had EA Active Sports Trainer for $28. Thinking we were on to a good thing we stopped in.

We were greeted by a newer version of the game staring at us as we walked in the door for $47, upon looking around we decided to ask the girl behind the counter if we could get EA Active Sports Trainer, (at this stage we realised it was the first version) to which we got told they had none in stock and neither did their Plaza store.

A little disappointed, we figured hey, it’s an older version maybe we just go ahead and get the later one. so off we go to have a look at the newer version box to see what it contained. Settling on the idea of spending $47 instead of $28 we headed back to the counter.

Where we then get informed (why she couldn’t have said this before) they are out of stock both in Downtown and the Plaza. Okay, she offers to see if she can get a set in from an Auckland store. We think, yeah great. She takes my partners cell phone number and informs us she’ll let us know immediately as to the

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