Brendon Dorn looses fight for continued name suppression

Updated: 18 May 2012 @ 4:57pm

It has been reported in the Manawatu Standard that Brendon Dorn has lost his fight to keep his name suppressed over charges of inappropriately touching clients, while owning Body in Balance and working as a (unqualified) masseur in Palmerston North. Body in Balance was renamed to Bella Vita Day Spa but remains on the Body in Balance url. Mr Dorn is not listed as an owner of either business according to the companies office.

brendon_dorn-249x300A Palmerston North masseur convicted of indecently assaulting a female client has lost his fight to keep his name secret.

Brendon Clive Dorn was jailed for inappropriately touching a client and had his sentence reduced to home detention on appeal but has lost his continued name suppression today.


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  1. What I find most worrying is that this chap was able to continue giving massages during this period. I know this, as I was one of them! How he ever managed to get name suppresion I will never understand. Looks like hhe Whale Oil guy was right!

  2. Thanks for compiling this page. What a creep this guy is. I wonder how many women and men are out there he did this to and got away with it. It sounds like he was in the profession to get a cheap thrill. What a loser. I am glad the name supression has been lifted so all people who know him and trusted him now will think differently.

  3. And he was back in Palmerston North District Court yesterday for the trial of another indecent assault on a different female clien

  4. how much community service? i’ve met this guy when i worked with his crazy girlfriend who would rant about his innocence. his comments were to ask how old i was and then say “ooooh so young!” SUCH a creep,

  5. ohh my god!!! shit i was jus at the massage place in palmerston north mi mum got a ,massage from this cool old ladie…anyway i knocked on the door because i was picking her up after her massage..well BRENDON DORN answered the door he welcomed me inside ..thenn he said wait in the waiting room my mum shuldnt be that lonng i sat down then he asked how old i was i sed i was 21yrs and he said have i ever had a massage done to me ..i replyed NO.. the he suggested i shuld get a private massage from him in the weekend.i said ohhh ok well i mite get back to you …so he said can i give u my number so if u do feel like a massage you can get a very private one from him …on SATURDAYS OR SUNDAYS hahahahah then he started talking shit to me bout his life lol i didnt really listen to him i was jus really waiting for mi mum to finish we had a very long 10minute talk he just keept going on he showed me the pregnant room an i was like OKKK …then we went bk into the waiting room then mi mum was finished …it was kind of weird because when the ladie had finished massaging my mum BRENDON dissapared into a room…anyway the eldrly ladie that massaged mi mum she asked me if i wanted to book a massage with her an i said NO that guy BRENDON offered to do private massages for me after she looked at me funny an said ohh okay then while me an mum were walking out of the BELLA VITA the eldrly ladie whispered to me an mum an said he does not work their an he is not no longer a massage therapy and not a worker it looked like she wanted to get into more detail about him antell us i left with mum an i told my boyfriend that i found a guy at BELLA VITA massage place down ferguson street an he would give me a prive massage ..and he said to me whats his name an i said BRENDON and my boyfriend said what the fuck hes been had up for touching females inapropriatly well i didnt belive him till TODAY we looked him up on internet and WAAALAAA truth all comes out EWWW that dirty old man im never going back their hes a CREEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPP.

  6. Why is this Guy that has been convicted of Indecency crimes still allowed to live above the premises and be allowed to freely walk around the salon while there are clients in there getting treatments done? Is this not only wrong but surely it is tempting fate!
    Wrong Wrong Wrong thats all I can say!!!

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