I’m looking at moving the Podcast studio computers permanently to Ubuntu Linux.

I’m currently running the studio systems on USB key installs of Ubuntu. So far everything seems to be working well. I’ll be testing the recording software over the next few days and will be recording this weeks XTN on Ubuntu. Still deciding if I should use a Windows backup recorder just in case, and that probably won’t be a silly idea really.

Still have a little issue with the Linux blogging clients. I use Windows Live Writer which for a Microsoft application works really well in conjunction with WordPress. Also, I used iTunes to write the ID3 tags and insert album art so I’m also going to be playing with the ID3 tag editors under Linux.

I’m writing this on Lekhonee which is a gnome WordPress client. Anyway, all going well this time in a couple of weeks all the systems will be re-installed with Ubuntu.

If anyone is running Linux software for podcast production, I’d love to hear what software you use.

Once I get everything sorted on the Linux side, I’ll post a writeup with what I decide to use software wise.

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