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  • Thanks, Kimberly, for the prompt response.

    I have changed the settings to “manual” for both the plugins.

    I am using the Atahualpa theme and the closest thing I could find is the “Loop” section.

    So I did it like this:

    <?php bfa_post_bodycopy('’,”); ?>

    Only thing, like your blog, the buttons are slightly not in alignment with the content i.e. slightly above the top line of the content, whereas previously it was level.

    But I can live with that for now! Thanks, again.

  • oops the full code doesn’t appear! it got truncated.

    basically I just added the

    manual code bit above the

    bfa post bodycopy thing.

    Hope this makes sense!

  • Hi

    I got up this morning to find a new version of Tweetmeme available.

    Seems this issue has been resolved! 🙂

    I’ve just removed the manual code for tweetmeme and reset the settings to ‘before’ and all is working well.

    Still awaiting a new version of Facebook Share (new) though.

  • I just saw that too, and came back here to find out what you thought of it.

    I will do the same as what you did. Hope they sort out the Facebook Share thing as well!

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