Repost: Good Bye Mischief

A friend recently posted this on a site I am involved with, and with his permission I would like to share it with you all. I was touched when I read this. I never got to say good bye to my cat so I hope this touches others in the same way it did me.

I had to put my old cat Mischief to sleep this morning… I shared her life for 18yrs not sure how old she actually was…
She was a wild cat that adopted me one day and never left…. till now…. good bye old friend.

She arrived in winter
Like a fresh autumn breeze
She was wild and starving
Curious and hopeful
A loving, trusting feline…

She was strong and unflinching
Vivacious and lively
She was radiant…she was youthful
She was ours…

We shared her raptures and sorrows
Her ups and her downs
Her life…

Now it is winter again..
But this time she has to go
Her spirit and essence will always live through
She will eternally remain within…
She will forever feel my love….

Sleep well my old friend

Thanks M109Rider, I really liked this.

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