The mouse saga

logitech-v450 Earlier on I posted about my Logitech V450 nano mouse dying suddenly.


Well, The saga continues. My mouse was purchased at DSE in Glenfield, Auckland (Where my parents live) It was a Christmas present.


When it died while we where at DSE Powerhouse in Palmerston North, on Friday 30th January 2009. I specifically asked if they needed the original receipt in order to get a replacement.


We were told, “No, you only need a receipt number” So I double checked, So if I get my dad to scan in the receipt that would be fine. “Yes” was the response.


So, I thought cool. I can print off the scanned receipt and take it in and get a replacement v450. Well. No that’s not actually the case.


Went in this morning (Monday, 2nd February 2009) with mouse and scanned receipt in hand. The sales assistant tested the mouse on one of their PC’s and it is indeed not recognised. So she starts the replacement process, Get’s another mouse of the shelf and takes my details for “Replacement purposes” which is all good, I have no problem with that.


Then this women walks in from out side carrying what looks to be personal shopping from another shop in the area and walks behind the counter. I thought she was just another sales assistant.


When all of a sudden. She says, I’m the Assistant Manager we can’t process this. Ok, Am I missing something. Friday we get told “you only need a receipt number” and no word from the girl processing the replacement who has the Scanned receipt in her hand said anything about it when we handed the scanned copy to her.


We tell the assistant manager that on Friday, we got told only need a receipt number. To have her say “Head office requires us to see the original, our staff know this” (How does one make that sound rude on a computer 🙂 ) Then she starts grilling us about who told us that. Fortunately while we couldn’t remember his name we had bought something so we figure, we’ll ring her with that info.


The sales assistant was extremely rude and lacked any form of professionalism.


We get home and found the receipt for the item we bought on Friday and rang DSE Powerhouse Palmerston North to pass this information on. Well, The “Assistant Manager” is busy, so we say we will ring back in 5 minutes. To which we get told, that’s fine. So ringing back, and now it’s like the Assistant Manager is avoiding us. 🙂 Anyway, we say we would like to be rung back by 11:30am.


To which we are, The Manager rings us and explains, they have had some issues with people making false returns on copied receipts so we need the original, This was discussed with staff on Thursday, 29th January 2009. Ok, Fine, Why the hell didn’t the “Assistant Manager” explain this instead of just being rude and obnoxious, or even the sales staff say anything to begin with. In the meantime the Manager was apologising all the way for his staff.


So, after wasting time I now need to get dad to snail mail the receipt to me so I can get a mouse that works.


DSE Powerhouse Palmerston North, you really know how to waste peoples time. Personally, I think if you want customer service, Go elsewhere. I’ve never had any problem with Manakau in Auckland, but DSE Powerhouse Palmerston North is a very big disappointment.

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