Logitech v450 nano stopped before my other mice

logitech-v450 Ok, I’m a bit peeved off. My Logitech v450 nano mouse receiver seems to have given up the ghost. I got it for Christmas 2007, so it isn’t that old.


I was using my lappy with mouse working great, then shut it down, came back and turned it about 20 minutes later and my mouse cursor didn’t move when I moved the mouse.


Initially I thought, oh great. My USB is dead. So I unplugged the nano receiver and plugged in my USB pen drive which worked, so It can’t be a dead usb port. Still on the maybe the port is dodgy, I tried the receiver in another usb port, but still no luck.


My lappy makes no sound at all when the receiver is plugged in or unplugged. So I can only assume the receiver is as dead as the dodo bird.


The slogon I’ve seen that “It keeps going where other mice have stopped” doesn’t really ring true in my case. My trusty corded mice are still going


It was a brilliant mouse too. The programmable buttons / scroll wheel was great. It’s just a shame it didn’t out last my other mouse.

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